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What Derek and Brittany are working on right now.


September 10, 2011: This is it! 9.10.11! The Mother of the Bride and her BFF, Susan, are meeting the Groom at the reception location at 10:00 am to finish decorating; then going with the Bride at 1:00 to get their hair done... Meanwhile, the Bride and her father are relaxing at home and practicing their dancing... The wedding party is arriving at the church between 3-3:30. Pictures start at 3:30! Seating starts at 6:00 and the Ceremony starts at 6:30! IT'S GAME DAY! Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs. Horton!!

September 9, 2011: Rehearsal Dinner! The Groom and his family did an amazing job (he did the centerpieces himself)! Memphis Waterworks was a beautiful location with everything that the Bride originally wanted for their Wedding Reception. Tomorrow is the big day!

September 8, 2011: The Bride and Groom are having a nice, stress-free, NFL & taco date night with Josh & KP :) Only 2 days to go!

September 7, 2011: Groom picked up his tuxedo from Jos. A. Bank today and it is WAAAY too big... along with everyone else's who ordered one. He took it back and is nervous that it will not be ready by Saturday. Poor little Groomzilla. Meanwhile, the Mother of the Bride has been super busy all day finishing up all of wedding favors, etc. for the reception. It is going to be one pink, glittery, party!   

September 6, 2011: Ceremony music to the church hostess. Phone Tag with the caterer. Solving the Table Linen Dilemma. Oh, and opening gifts from a few visitors :)

September 5, 2011: The Groom and his parents have been busy preparing for the Rehearsal Dinner. The Bride packed for the Honeymoon and printed out the Ceremony Programs. Five. Days. To. Go.

 September 4, 2011: Bride's last Sunday morning at home. Her mom made a delicious breakfast and Brittany and Derek's wedding announcement is in the paper! Most perfect morning ever!

September 3, 2011: A day of love and showers. The couple and the Father of the Bride went to Selmer, TN for a cookout and mini-shower with the Groom's family, followed by a Lingerie Shower/ mini-Bachelorette party thrown by the Bride's friends.

September 2, 2011: The Groom is working on gathering Reception music... and doing a fantastic job. He is SO excited to show off his dancing skills.

September 1, 2011: Marriage License- Check. Ceremony Music- Check. The Bride and Groom thought that they were doing so great checking things off their lists... then, tablecloths. Who provides the tablecloths? And what are the centerpieces again? Can we still get a monogrammed stencil for the lighting package at the reception venue? The Outstanding Tasks list got 2 things marked off and 15 things added. Who knew there would be so many things that aren't even thought of until 10 days before a wedding!

August 31, 2011: Derek and Brittany have their official Certificate of Counseling from Andy Savage and are getting their Marriage License today! And then... meeting with the Church Lady again to go over the music and seating chart.

August 30, 2011: Queue the Bride's scheduled emotional meltdown.

August 29, 2011: The Father of the Bride is sticking to his budget. Every dollar. This morning he asked "Now, the people who didn't RSVP... they don't eat, right?". The Bride and her mother had a great time imagining him standing at the buffet line with his little clipboard: "What's your name? No, no, I don't have you on my list. Go ahead out and put your plate down and move it along to the dance floor".

August 28, 2011: Wedding Meeting with Brittany's family. The Bride gave everyone a nice to do list for the week :)

August 27, 2011: RSVP CUTOFF! The Bride and Groom can't believe it! Their wedding day is 2 weeks from today! Brittany and her parents are picking up her dress today! and then she has oh-so-many phone calls to make to the non-RSVP-ers. 

August 26, 2011: The Groom mailed all of his Rehearsal Dinner invitations!

August 25, 2011: Bride's mom and dad talked to the florist to finalize all details. According to him, her giant panic attack should be coming up any day now... 

August 24, 2011: The RSVP cutoff is this Saturday! If you have not RSVP'd yet, please do it now! 172 guests so far :)

August 23, 2011: The Bride's meeting with the Bellevue Ceremony Director went well... but there were still a lot of unresolved things, so she and the Groom are meeting with her again next Wednesday to finalize everything. The Bride's dad and mom have been very busy as well, calling vendors, meeting deadlines, and finaizing more details! Only 17 more days to go!

August 22, 2011: The Bachelor and Bachelorette parties were a success! The Bride and Groom have tons of new stories to tell! The Bride and her mom are meeting with the Wedding Director at Bellevue this afternoon! 

August 19, 2011: Last night, Derek let Brittany know that they are going back to Puerto Vallarta for their honeymoon! They are both leaving this afternoon for their bachelor/ette party destinations! Nashvegas and NOLA, look out!

August 18, 2011: 1 year from today, the couple got engaged on the gorgeous beach in Puerto Vallarta. They are celebrating their anniversary tonight and Brittany will finally find out where they are going for their honeymoon!

August 17, 2011: Derek has finally booked a place for the Rehearsal Dinner... and it was definitely worth the wait: Memphis Water Works! When he made the reservation, he told them that he would need it for "September 9th". The owner's response was "September 9th? That's a Sunday. Is you wedding on a Monday?". Derek: "No, not September 9th, 2012... September 9th, 3 weeks from now". The Groom loves to wait till the last minute, but he does always get things done :) 

August 16, 2011: Wedding counseling rescheduled for the 5TH TIME (ugh!), Derek has changed his mind about the Rehearsal Dinner location, yet again. The couple will be very happy to get away from the stress this week for their Bachelor/ette parties!

August 14, 2011: 3 more RSVP's came in yesterday! Brian & Lana, Kasey & Andrew, and Corey & Alex! =)

August 13, 2011: Can you believe that this wedding is only 28 days away? It seems like it was just 280 days away! Things are really falling into place, panic attacks have subsided (for now), and the Bride and Groom are ready to enjoy their Bachelor/ette parties next weekend. What's left to do? Rehearsal Dinner invitations, Wedding Programs, picking up the wedding gown, and completing the Ceremony and Reception song lists. Right. On. Schedule. Happy Saturday! (: 

August 12, 2011: Derek has resolved the Rehearsal Dinner dilemma: It will be held at his house and catered by Soul Fish (the Bride and Groom's 5th date)! Brittany is working on invitations now! Hopefully she will get them out before the day of the Rehearsal :)

August 11, 2011: 30 days to go. Queue the Bride's scheduled panic attack.

August 10, 2011: One month from today, the Bride will be walking down the isle to her Groom :) 

August 9, 2011: The Bride has been working on the guest book. The Groom has been working on the Ceremony & Reception songlists (although, still no word on a Rehearsal Dinner). The Mother of the Bride has been scheduling appointments and making wedding favors. The Father of the Bride has been doing that super important thing called writing checks. The day is rapidly approaching and at this rate, it will be here before anyone realizes it!

August 7, 2011: The Father of the Bride has been practicing singing with the band today. Oh, that's right... he's singing at the reception. It should be great entertainment for everyone. 34 days to go! :)  

August 5, 2011: The Groom has completely taken over the ceremony music without even being asked and has done a wonderful job so far. He's so incredible. :)

August 4, 2011: The Bride, Groom, and Mother of the Bride are all working very hard to figure out the Rehearsal Dinner situation. Only 36 days to go. No biggie.  

August 3, 2011: The Bride and her bridesmaids had a very productive Bachelorette Party Meeting at Old Venice. 10 girls, 3 cars, and 1 city that will never be the same :) AND... engagement photos are ready! With 38 days to go, everything really is starting to fall into place. whew.

August 2, 2011: Scheduling & rescheduling pre-marital counseling; Marking all of the "final balance due"'s on the calendar (it seems like there's one everyday); Researching, planning and answering questions about Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties; Counting RSVP cards and praying that the people who haven't done it yet will do it soon; Reserving hotel rooms for out of town guests; Thinking of wedding day hairstyles; Waiting on engagement photos to be ready; Waiting to hear back about reserving a Rehearsal Dinner spot; And COMPLETELY out of motivation to find a ceremony musician, transportation, or make-up artist... which all still have to be done. Our Bride and Groom are ready to get this show on the road and move on to what's next... a beautiful beach :) 

July 31, 2011: Father and Brother of the Bride ordered their tuxedos today :) AND (more importantly) Derek has confirmed that he will tell Brittany the Honeymoon Location on the 1 year anniversary of their engagement; August 18th. Yesssssss! 

July 30, 3011: Derek may have accidentally stumbled upon his rehearsal dinner location while having lunch with the Bride and her family today. Did he make a reservation... or at least ask if the room is available on September 9th? Of course not! It's not the week before the wedding yet, is it? You silly overachievers.

July 27, 2011: ONLY 45 DAYS TO GO!!! 

July 23, 2011: Josh Robinson, is getting Yesses for the Bachelor Party where our Groom was only able to get Maybes.

"Good job, Buddy." -Derek  

July 22, 2011: Order Groom's Tux... Check. 

July 21, 2011: The Groom and Father of the Bride went to try on their tuxes however, they were not able to order anything since "Old Man River" was unable to figure out that crazy device commonly referred to as a computer. Derek will try again tomorrow morning.

The Bride has developed a very exclusive list of what sort of festive attire she will and will not be wearing for her Bachelorette party. We'll see how much of a choice she actually has. 

July 20, 2011: Interestingly enough, Groomzilla is having a difficult time reserving a private dining room for 30 people, 52 days before the wedding. If only someone had told him to do it sooner...

July 19, 2011: Panic set in around midnight when the Bride feared that her computer (with the alphabetized, categorized, color-coded guest list) had been stolen. Luckily for her, it was just hiding under a pile of clean clothes.

July 18, 2011: With only 54 days to go, the Groom has finally decided to scout out Rehearsal Dinner places. With a little help from someone who has 7 years of experience in the restaurant industry (the Bride, duh.), he has compiled a list of pretty specific questions. Wish him luck! 

July 16, 2011: Bachelorette Party invitations are officially in the mail and RSVP cards are already starting to come back =)

July 15, 2011: Putting together Bachelorette Party invitations for NOLA!

July 14, 2011: Derek & Britt are recovering from the invitation ordeal. Now it's time for the fun part... The weekend of the Bachelor/ette parties has been decided. Nashville for the boys; New Orleans for the girls :)

July 13, 2011: Today really is the day. Brittany and Derek have gone from "Yay! Look at our invitations! They are SO CUTE!" to "Hm... This is a little bit confusing" to "Oh, man... You mean we did them incorrectly?" to "WHAT? You mean we did them incorrectly again?!" to "Forgive me for trying to do things right for my only wedding ever because I am NEVER doing this again!" to "I'm so over it. Let's just send the invitations out like this. I'm just ready to stop looking at them". Yep, it's been a really fun ride with the invites, but they are addressed, assembled, stamped, and in Derek's truck, ready to go to the post office. Wish them luck!

July 12, 2011: Invitation fiasco! Derek and Brittany addressed everything incorrectly and in the wrong order. Apparently, it should go like this: Mr. & "Mrs. John Smith" on the outer envelope, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", followed by children over 18, oldest to youngest, "Susie Smith, Jane Smith" on the inner envelope. Inside the inner envelope, front to back: Enclosure Card, RSVP Card, Return Envelope, Invitation. Who knew the smallest thing would be the most time consuming?

July 11, 2011: Tonight's the night. All of Derek & Brittany's wedding invitations should be in the mail by tomorrow... finally! 

July 10, 2011: Engagement shoot in Nashvegas with the lovely Kate Spencer and Becca Yager!

July 9, 2011: Aunt Denise is hosting a Jack & Jill (girls and boys) at her house in Germantown tonight from 7-9. The theme is a surprise to the couple, so it should be interesting! Map and directions to Aunt Denise's are on the Events page.

The couple is driving to Nashville in the morning for their official engagement shoot!  

July 8, 2011: Wedding shower tomorrow night! Updating the registries one last time. If you visit the registries through the link on this website (Registries page), a donation is made to St. Jude with every purchase. 

July 7, 2011: Met with the most awesome jeweler in Memphis (Ed Harris) to pick up the wedding rings. They are ah-mazing!! 

July 6, 2011: Derek and Brittany are picking the perfect outfits for their upcoming engagement shoot! Nervous and excited! It should be a lot of fun! 

July 5, 2011: Addressing. Assembling. Stamping. Checking off. The invitations are still a work in progress! Oh yea, and... Derek has booked the honeymoon to the mystery location!!

July 4, 2011: Wedding plans on hold for the day. Remembering fallen Memphis Police Officer Timothy Warren and thanking God for our country's freedom and all of those who risk their lives everyday to keep it that way. 

Just enjoying being together today  Happy Independence Day! 

July 3, 2011: Gathering addresses for the invitation list! If they've asked you for yours, please get it to them as soon as you can! Thank you!

July 2, 2011: The invitations are in! Derek and Brittany have been putting together the most detailed guest list Excel spreadsheet of all time. The plan is to have them in the mail by July 10th... so get ready! =)

July 1, 2011: 72 days and counting! The wedding is coming up so fast that Derek and Brittany are doing something for it almost everyday now. Check back often for updates!

June 23, 2011: Wedding "coaching" with Andy Savage went great! Derek got all of the answers right and the couple is even more excited about their upcoming marriage!  

June 13, 2011: Derek's Aunt Denise is hosting a Jack & Jill shower with a mystery theme for the couple! Brittany just wants to know what it is!

June 12, 2011: Derek is planning out the Nashville weekend trip for the engagement photos and Brittany is busy choosing the perfect outfits for them to wear :)

June 3, 2011: Catering contract signed. Heart & Soul is officially catering the wedding! De-li-cious.

May 14, 2011: Derek and Britt are celebrating the wedding of their friends today; Congratulations April Reece & Wes Shaw!!

May 7, 2011: Cheesecake tasting with Micah Gibson. Sounds absolutely torturous. 

May 3, 2011: Brittany has tons of extra time now. She, Derek and her parents had a lovely afternoon shopping in Cooper Young, lunching at Soul Fish (where Derek is practically a celebrity), and choosing wedding invitations. Despite her usual indecisiveness, Brittany knew the ones that she wanted right away!

May 11, 2011: Brittany is working on scheduling the first pre-marital counseling session with Andy Savage from Highpoint. The couple is super nervous about it!

April 26, 2011: Derek & Brittany met with Michael Doyle to "confirm and discuss all details". He loved Derek, by the way. 

April 11, 2011: Brittany and Micah are discussing different cake options. Decisions are not Brittany's forte. 

March 29, 2011: Photographer deposit paid & contract signed. Kate Spencer is officially shooting the Short/Horton wedding on 9/10/11! 

March 24, 2011: Good news! Brittany found a photog that she really likes! Becca Yager out of Cookeville, TN. She is booked on September 10th, but her associate is available!

March 5, 2011: Photog search will have to wait for a while... Brittany is leaving for Rome in the morning and won't be back for 11 days! 

March 4, 2011: The Bride is getting discouraged. It seems like every photographer in Memphis is either booked on 9/10 or charges $1,000,000... ugh. 

February 26, 2011: The wedding photographer search continues...

February 17, 2011: Save the Date photos are ready and it's time to decide on a Save the Date. Donnis created several amazing templates to choose from! Of course, Derek and Brittany couldn't pick just one... so they ended up with 2 Save the Dates. Should be ready in 10 days! Also, Donnis had some exciting and disappointing news: She can't shoot the wedding because she is pregnant! YAY! And... time to look for a new wedding day photog :(

January 16, 2011: Mr. Glen (cocktail music extraordinaire) came to Britt's parents house and the couple went over cocktail hour songs. A pretty awesome set list was created.  

January 15, 2011: Save the Date photos with Donnis Sealey (digitalcouture.org) downtown, Memphis. It was a balmy 36 degrees.

December 24, 2011: Derek & Brittany were approved to be married at Bellevue, btw! Merry Christmas everyone!

December 23, 2011: Pre-Marital Counseling with a Bellevue minister. Brittany and Derek (mostly Brittany) is freaking out because he has to approve them in order for them to be married at the church. 

December 6, 2011: Tasting with Heart & Soul scheduled for 12/16/10 @ 6:00. 

November 22, 2011: Derek & Brittany meet with their photographer, Donnis Sealey to go over packages and whatnot.

November 20, 2011: Brittany found 4 potential dresses last Saturday, took her mother, Mother of the Groom, MOH, and a bridesmaid to help her narrow it down. The vote was unanimous. Brittany and Amanda got pulled over on the way home... but got out of a ticket :)

November 13, 2011: Brittany and her mom have a full day of wedding-related tasks: Meeting with Jonathan at Opera Memphis to go over and sign the contract then it's off to search for that special dress! Wish them luck! 

November 11, 2011: 1:30, Brittany and her mom met with the Church Hostess for Bellevue and learned about ALL of the rules and procedures for getting married there (Yes, there are a lot. duh). 6:00, Derek, Brittany, and Brittany's mom meet with potential caterer (Club Windward). 

November 10, 2010: Brittany and her mom met with a potential caterer (Heart & Soul). 

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